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Financial Aid for the next 2 YEARS

Bonus #1: Divorced and separated parents... We know that not every family is the same, some have unique circumstances that make their situation more challenging. To help families going through a divorce or separation, I'm including a bonus video to help you specifically. 


The Financial Aid system is complex enough, but when it comes to divorced families there are additional rules that you must follow to get financial aid.



Some companies give a 7 day money back guarantee, some 30 days, but I will give you a 2-year guarantee


Follow all the steps in this FAFSA Checklist and I guarantee you will get financial aid. If you don't get financial aid in the next 2 years, let me know and I'll refund your money. Just email rob@pillar6college.com for a refund.

Roman Polnar

Roman Polnar

Founder, Plillar6 College Planning


Roman provided Clear easy to follow guidance for filling out the FAFSA





Knowing what to do  and when gave Alan a clear roadmap which was a huge relief.

  • Q: How do I access the Weekly Forum

    A:  You can join me every Wednesday at 10am PST on Facebook and Youtube for Financial Aid Wednesday Livecast. where you can ask questions and get guidance from me LIVE. If you can’t join, you can post your question in the comment section.

  • Q: How do I access the Fast Track to FAFSA Checklist?

    A: Right after you complete your purchase you will receive an email with in instructions to download your FAFSA Checklist.  If you have any questions, email us at support@pillar6college.com

  • Q: What makes you different?

    A:  Some college advisors sell insurance and other financial products claiming to "hide" money from the financial aid formula (This only works out for them, not for you). We give clear financial aid advice that works! No hidden agendas, no hidden fees, no 3rd party product sales.


    Some college advisors specialize in Admissions or Test Prep, but don't focus on the financial aid side (This only solves half the problem).  We'll help you get financial aid to make those great colleges more affordable.


    Our approach is clear and simple - To help families FIND MONEY to make college affordable and debt-free.

  • Q: What if I already filled out the FAFSA?

    A:  If you're worried about mistakes on your FAFSA, going through the FAFSA Checklist helps you ensure you did it right...and can point you in the right direction if you find mistakes.

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